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- Air Courier Service Information (Korea to New Zealand) -

  1. When you would like to receive items that are purchased in Korea or items you would like to receive from your family/friends to New Zealand. Please apply for delivery request through a logistics company.

  2. How to Apply: Please get in touch from below contact list and send details of your parcels.

    • Phone: 09-257-2704 | Mobile: 022-400-7749 | 카톡아이디: zzolizzang
    • Email: ops@pincargo.co.nz

  3. When applying for delivery, ensure to fill in the tracking number of every single purchased item before submission.

    • Example: Korea Post Tracking Number/ Commodity/ Quantity/ Unit Price/ Recipient’s name (NZ), address (NZ), phone number (NZ).

    • 예시

    • Online Application

  4. When purchasing various items, batch delivery is possible and all tracking numbers must be submitted in the NZ recipient’s name.

  5. When items purchased by NZ customers are delivered to warehouse in Korea, the weight is measured after checking the contents of entire parcels at the warehouse.

  6. After the cargo arrives in NZ, cargo will be stored at the designated Customs Controlled Area. And Customs clearance will be processed by customs broker in Pin Cargo according to the information received by customers who have purchased goods.

  7. After all Customs clearance procedures are completed with NZ Customs and MPI, invoices for related shipping costs will be issued to customer. Once invoice is paid, Pin Cargo will deliver freight to each customer in the way they wish.

    • North shore area: Direct collection after checking Customs clearance information and tracking number at warehouse located in North Shore.

      • Pick-up Address: 34 Horizon View Road Oteha, Auckland 0632
      • Attn: Mr. Yeo

    • Other areas: Direct pickup from Pin Cargo warehouse or Pin Cargo arranges delivery to customer via Fastway courier.

      • Pick-up Address: Unit G, 6 Percival Gull Place, Airport Oak, Auckland 2022
      • Attn: Simon Cha

  8. In case of unknown cargo, it will be stored in the Customs Controlled Area. Customs Clearance will be processed after customer is verified and information is received.

  9. Information on prohibited or restricted items when proceeding via courier company:

  10. Enquiries:

    • Please if there is any enquiry, visit "About Us" page for our contact details.
    • Otherwise, Please fill our Online enquiry form for any of your enquiries.

    Courier Application: